A Republic, If You Can Keep It

All opinions are my own and not those of my employer.

πŸ’°Free Markets

  • I am a capitalist, insofar as I support private ownership and control over the means of production. I support this on moral and pragmatic grounds.

  • Morally, every human being should be able to keep the fruits of their labor. History tells us that capitalism produces rich societies and collectivism very poor ones.

  • Corporate welfare is the result of a mixed economy, not capitalism. Public goods such as national health insurance need not contradict capitalism.

πŸ—½Individual Rights

  • I believe in near-absolute freedom of speech, especially for those I disagree with and for those who say things that make me uncomfortable.

  • Respect for this freedom means society's wrongs may eventually be righted. Collectivist regimes cannot co-exist with it and therefore suppress it.

  • In general, I believe the state should stay out of any non-violent and non-coercive action taken by or between consenting adults.

🚫Remember January 6th

  • Populist authoritarians like Donald Trump are a mortal threat to the rule of law everywhere. The actions of the Trumpist mob on January 6th 2021 left no doubt.

  • While the left may be wrong about a lot of things, the answer from those of us who disagree cannot be blind obedience to an ignorant, uncouth charlatan.

  • It is obvious to me that those who wanted to "blow up the system" by electing this demagogue have zero historical knowledge of how republics have died elsewhere.

πŸ†˜Free Cuba

  • I am against the Cuban dictatorship for the same reasons I am for the free market and for the respect of individual rights, and against communism and fascism.

  • And no, just because the regime provides free healthcare and education, both of poor quality, does not mean they get a free pass on human rights violations.

  • However, it is gross ignorance and intellectual dishonesty to equate this type of odious regime to all left-wing ideologies, such as European-style social democracy.